Garm Rockbreaker

Recruitment and Assignment Guild Officer, Adventurer's Guild


Garm is usually the second person players meet when they enter the Adventurer’s Guild in Freedman’s Hold. Garm is a grizzled dwarf with a long distinguished beard and dark black hair, all streaked with gray and silver highlights. He speaks with a loud, commanding voice and often comes off as unfriendly to new guild members.

Garm’s guild responsibilities include interviewing potential guild members and posting new job opportunities on the bulletin board. He rarely goes out on adventures these days, preferring to leave that sort of thing to the younger guild members. He also occasionally can be convinced to train guild members in the art of hammer combat, if you meet his price.

When he is not in the guild house, you can usually find Garm in the Hearth district at one of the local inns drinking a pint and talking to other dwarves.

Garm Rockbreaker

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