Freedman's Hold

Goblins... Why did it have to be goblins?

So, the second assignment for our intrepid band of adventurers was to locate and recover a fishing boat that had been attacked by goblins when it approached too close to shore. (We won’t talk much about our first mission, other than to say it was pest control involving giant rats) Additionally, our band of neo-heroes were tasked with attempting to rescue a young apprentice who was traveling in the vicinity of the goblin attack and was feared lost as well. The apprentice was carrying very potent herbs gathered for a ritual to be conducted by the Mystics guild in Freehold.

Along the way, our heroes hitched a ride with Drak and his caravan, and after an uneventful journey alighted along the edge of the dunes that sheltered the way down the coast.

Freedman's Hold Adventure Log!
The Story so Far...

Welcome to the campaign Freedman’s Hold.

We have had 2 gaming sessions so far, and have met a not quite as diverse as I would have expected group of heroes.

Dirk Diggler is a headstrong Dragonborn rogue with a penchant for trying to do “unconventional” things like attempting to sneak up on a group of goblins in broad daylight, on a beach with no cover, while wearing uncamouflaged chainmail.

Ugan (call me Ug, cause my name is too long) is another Dragonborn who serves his god as a paragon of light. Not bright, shiny white light, but a kind of dull yellow light that you can only see out of the corner of one eye as Ug searches the room for his next alcoholic delight.

Ruric is yet another Dragonborn male, a fighter with a penchant for swinging a Greatsword around and getting into lots of trouble due to inattention and assorted inappropriate behavior.

Richard is an Elven (not a stinking Dragonborn) ranger with a rather striking panther companion named Charmer. He is on a quest to locate his sister of dubious fame and morals named Shylandria. And he dislikes being called “Dick”.

Morena is an Eladrin Battle-Cleric. She is of sunny disposition but violent tendencies, and is enamored with shiny objects.


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